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The USANA Brand

USANA is a U.S. based direct-selling company internationally recognized for manufacturing high-quality, science-based nutritional supplements, healthy foods, personal care products, and skincare in our FDA-registered facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our endless drive to innovate and advance the science of nutrition fuels everything USANA—putting a healthy, happy life within reach for all.

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USANA Home offices in Salt Lake City, Utah.
USANA Home offices in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Core Values


We rely on scientific research to provide innovative, healthy living solutions, and we empower all individuals to continually improve each day.


We support, care for, and encourage one another—and the world—to live happier, healthier lives.


We demonstrate honesty, responsibility, and accountability through our individual actions and corporate decision-making.


We cultivate a holistic view of wellness—starting with the cell—that supports a healthy body and a strong mind.

Brand Pillars

Our Brand Pillars build on the foundation of our values. They help USANA communicate what is important to the company into what is important for USANA’s target demographics.

  • Holistically Healthy

    USANA is not a health trend or craze.
    The health products we create are backed by science and research. We also recognize true health supports a well-rounded, healthy, active lifestyle, which includes fitness, healthy eating habits, stress management, healthy sleeping habits, water intake, the benefits of community and connection, and mindfulness. It’s a lifestyle that focuses on daily action and dedication to self-betterment.

  • Approachably Premium

    USANA is not your everyday grocery store supplement or a discount brand.
    High-quality, science-backed health products are the cornerstone of what we do. Sharing and earning with USANA is for active, health-minded individuals who are eager to represent a high-quality product that reflects their personal brand. Our distributors and their customers look forward to their product shipments and taking the product every day because they feel the difference the products make in their lives.

  • Honestly Authentic

    USANA is not fake or “salesy.”
    We speak openly and candidly about health, the human body, and the products we create. We care about our customers who use our products and strive to support them in their health journeys. Our most successful distributors practice what they preach—they don’t just sell a healthy lifestyle, they live it, too.

  • Simply Supportive

    USANA is not difficult or complicated.
    USANA makes getting and staying healthy simple by providing science-based, rigorously tested products. We do the heavy lifting, so our Distributors and their customers don’t have to. We take complex ideas across our science and the business and simplify them to be easily understood and, more importantly, exciting to potential new customers and Distributors.



Primary Font


Secondary FOnt

Bauer Bodoni

accent Font

Silver South Scrpt

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Color palette

Blue 100
  • #003385
  • RGB(0 51 141)
Blue 200
  • #0074CC
  • RGB(0 115 207)
Blue 300
  • #69B4E7
  • RGB(99 177 229)
  • #98A4AE
  • RGB(66 70 73)


The USANA identity is based on four graphic elements: the picture mark; the word mark; the tagline; corporate colors. Together, they form the master brand.

The USANA logo must never be altered or respaced in any way.


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Logos for USANA China and BabyCare.

Style Guide

The USANA style guide is designed to detail how USANA creates a solid brand experience for all types of customers from all different cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds.

USANA brand guide
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