What is Pando?

Pando Forest, Central Utah.
Credit: Joachim Guanzon

Pando is an aspen grove in the Fishlake National Forest in central Utah. It’s exceptional—this world's biggest organism grew from a single seed. The Pando system expands by sending up new shoots from its increasing root system. The clone covers 106 acres and has nearly 40,000 trees.

Our Design System evolves from a single source of truth, making Pando the perfect name. The USANA design system contains a set of uniform principles all teams may use to build the best products for the world's healthiest family.

What is a Design System?

Google "What is a Design System?" and you’ll find a wide range of responses—all which, for the most part, are correct. In short, a Design System is a collection of reusable components, patterns, guidelines, etc. used to produce digital content. They establish a common shared language that enables teams to communicate more effectively. A successful design system serves as a point of reference during the design process, as well as a shared language that can be applied across the team when working on a project.

Benefits of a Design System

When properly implemented, design systems can bring numerous benefits to a creative team.

  • Sustainability

    Guiding users on how to maintain a design system, including a catalog of all styles, components, and specifications, provides them a clear direction.

  • Communication

    Developing a design system can create a language that everyone, including developers, designers, and other teams, understands.

  • Efficiency

    Enforcing rules while also speeding up the design and development process helps to reduce product decisions, which can boost productivity while focusing on a better user experience.

  • Consistency

    Defining and specifying product patterns can direct a team on UI patterns and how certain pieces should look and function. When the user experience is consistent and familiar, it increases the end user’s faith in the product.

Design system quotes

A set of connected patterns and shared practices, coherently organized to serve the purposes of a digital product.
- Alla Kholmatova
I tend to define a design system as the official story of how your organization designs and builds digital products. There are a lot of ingredients involved in telling that story.
- Brad Frost