Design Principles

Design Principles require shared guidance to capture what good design means and how to achieve it. These principles should also be part of the design critique and used to ensure all designs support the same high standards.

Our design principles follow USANA's core values of: Excellence, Integrity, Health, and Community


Guiding users on how to maintain a design system, including a catalog of all styles, components, and specifications, provides them a clear direction.


Taking a user-centric approach creates inclusive products and materials that are easily accessible and available to all audiences. We cherish teamwork and value the perspectives and abilities of all team members.


Being truthful and honest to develop solutions establishes confidence and trust with our users and team members. We strive to always demonstrate empathy and keep ourselves accountable for our work and relationships. Adhering to well-known and well-accepted standards maintains brand and design consistency.


Ensuring our designs are compliant with current web and mobile standards is essential. We also prioritize research and testing to approach and execute the design process.