For Designers

We’ve created a number of resources, tools, and assets to assist designers in creating a better digital experience for USANA and its products.

Design Tools

There is no primary tool we use for design; we encourage our designers to use the tools that are most appropriate to their task. Some of the applications used by our designers include Sketch, Figma, and Adobe Creative Suite. We believe it’s the designer, not the tool, who creates good design.


Lato is our primary web typeface. It’s a sans-serif open-source typeface with excellent readability in both tiny and big letter sizes while supporting a wide range of line weights. Accessible in over 40 languages, including six from USANA, Lato is a free typeface available from Google Fonts or Lato Fonts.

Montserrat is another web font specifically used on websites built by third parties, emails, and newsletters. It’s also the font for Active Nutrition. Montserrat closely resembles Gothic, USANA's primary font, and can be downloaded at Google Fonts.

Color Palette

Colors are integral to communication. They help convey meaning, evoke emotion, and are the thread to tie a lifetime of memories and experiences together. Within Pando, colors make our myriad of USANA touch points feel cohesive and familiar. They communicate the quality and nature of our brand and help our digital product users understand how to do what they want and get where they want to go USANA Colors.

UI Kit

The user interface kit is a file containing instructions and components for USANA designers and developers to use in their digital products.